It was while fighting evil in the 2nd world war that the 2 gentlemen first met. While risking their lives for the sake of humanity, they became friends. After the war ended, they were sent back to their homes to celebrate VICTORY and that is when they realised they were both from the same town, NIORT (a mysterious and exotic village, once populated by DRAGONS in the French region of les DEUX-SEVRES). Both in shock, they decided not to hang out because they thought it was a bit weird but also because they were a bit too cool and anyway they just wanted to chill after all. And then, 60 years passed… Without keeping in touch, one developed a taste for well produced soft rock records and car-modifying while the other one was more into fine clothing and butter/cheese-based cuisine.

Then, in the mid-80s, house music first appeared on our stereos and the world was never to be the same again. That is, apart from our heroes who did not hear about that until at least 15 years later, at a time where almost everyone had already jumped on the bandwagon but also, funnily enough, a time where Bob Sinclar could still write a decent tune… that was the precise MOMENT they decided to get themselves a STUDIO and started work on what would become their cult classic, la blessure. After 16 years of work, their masterpiece was finally finished and they sent it directly to Supremus Records who made history by releasing it in a digital only format on December 11 2015. When Deep House semi-pro Fred Everything heard the news, he BEGGED to remix the cult classic, hoping to save his own career. 47 downloads later, the mysterious duo can finally rest in peace and look back at their success of reaching a TRAXSOURCE DEEP HOUSE #5 (the version they did not produce of course) and reaching  <1,000  plays on SPOTIFY.